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When flooding strikes, it doesn't really matter if it’s from a leak in your home or a storm that has blown in to Brooklyn Heights, bringing massive amounts of water with it.

To have the best result possible, starting recovery efforts in your home should happen as soon as possible. The quicker the right steps are taken, the easier it will be to help prevent further damage - and assess that already begun.

Assistance On Call 24/7

This is why Brooklyn Heights Carpet cleaning's service centers are constantly on call, all across Brooklyn. Our expert technicians have the tools and know-how to get the job done, and are a phone call away in a distressing time.

First taking care of the leak, if it generates from in your home, and then setting up a plan for pumping away water and drying out the space. packing up whatever needs further cleaning (floor rugs, for instance) and sanitizing the whole area.

This is a crucial part of the plan; it means that mildew or mold will not be able to develop inside your home - this is something that could easily lead to health hazards and safety risks, including rotting foundations or internal structures, and damaging domestic objects beyond repair.

Burst Pipe or Seasonal Storm - We Can Help

Please do not hesitate in these situations. A call to a our experts brings you immediate assistance and service, with a free on-site estimate.

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