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"MY carpets are now so clean, i don't even like my children running on it with shoes... "
Chloe, Vinegar Hill

Use these tips to make your home life easier - and have more time just to yourself. 

  • Rotate your area rugs every couple of months, so foot traffic will even out in time. 
  • Vacuum your carpet, rug and upholstery often. It will keep dirt from getting embedded in the fibers and making it rougher and dirtier with time.  
  • Don’t use a hair drier on your wet carpet. It will only settle the damage in. 
  • With your upholstery, gently brush as well as vacuum it. a lot of dirt settle in the fibers and which just vacuuming won’t really effect. 
  • Zap some shaving cream on red wine stains to remove them efficiently.  
  • keep your bathroom sink clean with a handy batch of baby wipes at the end of each day.
  • to clean your microwave, run for 3-5 minutes a third filled cup of water. Then, wipe the interior. 
  • Have a basket handy around the house so you can pick up stuff in it (kids toys, clothing) and put it back in place later when you have the time.
  • Every couple of days, use a mix of even ratio water and vinegar to quickly clean and shine doors, knobs, tables and so on.
  • Use baking soda with hot water to remove unpleasant odors from your tupperware.
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