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"Try as hard as i might, it's difficult to find service providers you can count on. With the comprehensive work you did on my rugs, i know i can trust you. "
Norm, Ocean Hill

Carpet replacement is an expensive affair but one which can be delayed by employing professional carpet cleaning - which we provide in Brooklyn Heights and the area.

We at Brooklyn Heights Carpet Cleaning are a team of certified professionals with a vast experience in dealing with your regular carpet cleaning needs and can proudly claim to get results each time.

Carpets are invariably exposed to tough stains and dirt which cannot be removed satisfactorily only through vacuuming.

Also, with time, the carpet fibers get rough, and accumulated dirt gets stuck to its very core. A detailed and deep process is needed in order to get your carpet smelling, feeling and looking good wall to wall.  

With our deep cleaning process in Brooklyn Heights, we can get under your carpet skin and extract all dirt, bacteria, allergens and other trouble makers. Your carpet will look and feel renewed.

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Onsite, our technicians will give you a free estimate, under no obligation. Moreover, we give you a free cleaning test done on a small part of your carpet. You can see for yourself how it works, and how well it works.

All of that before you pay a cent...

Call us today for a thorough cleaning that will refresh your entire living spaces. 

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